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[edit] Finding a flat

A major resource for finding a flat is gumtree. You might look for either a room, or an apartment.

There are also websites like gratka, where you can display the different options on a map.

Finally, there are many groups on facebook for renting a room or an appartment, like this, this, or this.

For short periods (also while searching for a more permanent place) you might consider Airbnb.

[edit] Other options

Your host at MIMUW may try to accommodate you in one of the following University hotels:

  • IBB PAN: 658 47 94
  • IMDiK PAN: 668 54 87
  • Lab. Środ. Ciężkich Jonów UW: 822 40 38
  • HERA: 553 10 00
  • Instytut Nenckiego: 659 85 71.