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Warsaw is relatively pleasant to bike: the city is generally flat and easy to navigate, distances are not too great, and there are more and more cycle paths (check here for a map of cycle paths).
However, drivers do not pay attention to bikers, and thus often Varsovian tend to share footpath with pedestrians.
Like other european metropolis, Warsaw has  its own city-rental bike system. It is called Veturilo.
Using the system is very easy. Each station consisting of one or a few bike racks will be equipped with a panel with keyboard, a reader and a screen. They will make it possible to rent and return a bike and register in the system. All the instructions will be available in four languages (Polish, English, German and Russian).

It is necessary to visit the Veturilo website first, enter all the required data, including a phone number and a 6-digit PIN, accept the terms and pay a small entry fee of 10 PLN. After receiving the confirmation by e-mail to the selected e-mail address, the system is ready to use.
The system will identify a customer by a phone number and a PIN code. It will also be possible to rent a bike with the use of Warsaw City Card or student electronic card (ELS). It will be necessary to register either card during the first or a subsequent rental by drawing the card near the reader after entering the mobile phone number or a PIN.

Once registered, the first 20 minutes of the ride are free of charge. A ride from 21 minutes up to an hour costs 1 PLN. The second hour costs 3 PLN, the third one costs 5 PLN, and each subsequent hour costs 7 PLN.

There are more than 50 Veturilo rental stations, see map.

To rent a bike at a rental location, you should press the "WYPOZYCZ" button (in English: RENT) at the rental machine and follow the instructions displayed on the screen or call Helpline if in trouble (22 382 13 12). After conducting all the activities, a bike will be automatically released from electro lock. Additionally, a bike fastened with a cable lock should be unlocked with a 4-digit code for a combination lock.
You act similarly when you return the bike. You leave the bike at a bike rack, press the "ZWROT" button (in English: RETURN) and act according to the instructions displayed on the screen. If there is no space in the bike rack, fasten the bike with a cable lock (using a 4-digit code) to any bike rack ear or other bike and press the return button.