Driving a car

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If you opt for a car, here is what you will be facing.


[edit] Having a car:

If you have brought your car from abroad, then  you would be insured in your country and you wouldn't have to worry about doing it in Poland. But if you have bought  or are planing to buy one in Poland, then  you need to be insured in Poland. In this case, check here.

[edit] Driving licence:

If you are not a citizen of an EU member state you will have to carry an international driving licence in order to drive a car. If you are a citizen of EU member state all you need is to make sure you took it with you when you left home as it is valid in Poland.

[edit] The basics for driving:

Poland has very similar laws to other European countries. In particular you have to always have driving license and insurance papers with you when you are driving and to fasten your seatbelt after getting into the car, no matter if you are a driver or a passenger.
The permitted alcohol level in Poland is 0.2.

[edit] Speed limits in Poland:

Here are the speed limits on various types of roads:
  • 130 kph - motorways
  • 110 kph - dual carriageways
  • 90 kph - main roads in urban areas
  • 50 kph - built up areas