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Taxis are cheap in Warsaw. But when using them, it is  recommended that you only use taxis with the following: the symbol of Warsaw - a mermaid - on both front doors, yellow/red stripes affixed to the glass along the front doors, a number stuck to the side of the vehicle, a hologram with the license number and the vehicle's registration number on the upper right-hand corner of the front glass and a sticker with price information per kilometer that must be displayed on the glass of the right-hand side back door.

Current prices for taxis are (maximum rates legally permitted):
  • Initial/starting fee : 8 PLN
  • Day fare, in the urban zone : 3 PLN per km 
  • Night fare, in the urban zone and day fare on Sundays and holidays : 4,50 PLN per km
  • Day fare, in suburban areas : 6 PLN per km 
  • Night fare, in suburban areas and day fare on Sundays and holidays : 9 PLN per km
Here is a list of taxi companies.

There is a handy free app for mobile which let you order a cab in the main polish cities, check here.