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Tickets can be purchased at 
  • Punkt Obslugi Pasazerów ZTM (ZTM Passenger Service Centres)
  • post offices
  • ticket vending machines at the stops,
  • street kiosks,
  • in buses and trams you may buy a single fare ticket from the driver only when the vehicle is still at the stop.
  • Through a mobile app called Skycash

There are two kinds of tickets: short-term tickets and long-term tickets
  • Short-term tickets are usual tickets you can buy at vending machines, on vehicles and at street kiosks. They include, single fare transfer tickets, one-day city travel cards, and week end cards
  • Long-term tickets are coded only on smart cards, and include 30-day or 90-day travelcards. On how to purchase such tickets, see the subsection on the Warsaw Card
You can purchase a single fare transfer tickets, that entitles you to an unlimited number of journeys for a period not exceeding 75 minutes. Its full price is of 4,40 PLN.  There is also a cheaper variant for 20 minutes which costs 3,40 PLN. You can also opt for a 1/30/90 days ticket, for a price ranging from 15 (1 day full price) to 280 PLN (90 days, full price). All prices can be found here.

Tickets are 50% discounted for students with valid student card. All possible discounts can be found here.

You can also choose the zone of validity of the ticket. Indeed, the conurbation area served by ZTM lines is divided into two tariff zones marked as 1 and 2. The first zone (1) encompasses the territory within the borders of Warsaw, and the second one (2), locations outside the borders of Warsaw.

For more informations, check here.