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Warsaw City Card  is a short- and long-term (1-, 3-, 30-, and 90-day) ticket carrier with a permanent imprint of a user photo and their personal data, name and surname on the reverse page.

Everyone can purchase such a card. The first card is issued free of charge.

If you are registered in Warsaw, you can now have a discount on the Warsaw City Card. In order to do this you have. If moreover you are a student registered in Warsaw, you can get a young Varsovian Card.

In order to get a personalized card, with discount or not, you have three options
  1. visit the ZTM Passenger Service Centre with a standard 3.4cm x 4.5 cm photo
  2. download the application from the website - fill it in, attach a photo and send it by post;
  3. fill on-line this application.
Those, who  are resident but already possess a Warsaw Card of the old system, can apply for the holograph to be placed on the card and thus have discounted prices:

Ticket Warsaw card Other
30 day (zone I) 98 PLN 110 PLN
30 day (zones I & II) 196 PLN 210 PLN
90 day (zone I) 250 PLN 280 PLN
90 day (zones I & II) 482 PLN 536 PLN

Ticket Young Warsaw card Other reduced
30 day (zone I) 49 PLN 55 PLN
30 day (zones I & II) - 105 PLN
90 day (zone I) 125 PLN 140 PLN
90 day (zones I & II) - 268 PLN

For more information, check here.